The Top 100 Yoga Blogs, Websites, Best Instructors, Famous Yoga Teachers & Best Yoga Bloggers For You To Follow Along and Learn

Having needed to recover from injury I was looking for ways to heal my body and bring it back to health. Researching online and getting tips from facebook groups I joined, people kept recommending doing some yoga. It seemed the way to increase flexibility and overall strength. Something my fatigued body required. There were plenty … Read more

My Top 100 Fitness Bloggers – Favorites of Mine, Suggestions From Friends and Lovely Readers for Some Seriously Fit Inspiration

After getting injured (full story here) friends and other members of facebook groups suggested I learn more about my injury and fitness in general. I received heaps of recommendations for sites to check out. I started compiling them and so in this post we are celebrating those fantastic and hard working Fitness bloggers that give … Read more

The Best Socks For Sweaty Feet Buyer’s Guide

Say Goodbye To Sweaty Feet With These Sock Options Picture this; you have arrived at a friend’s house and found they have laid new carpet. So, no shoes allowed in the house. Your heart skips a beat; you are thinking “Oh no, my feet reek.” Your feet got sweatier knowing you had to remove your … Read more