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The Best Socks For Sweaty Feet Buyer’s Guide

Say Goodbye To Sweaty Feet With These Sock Options

Picture this; you have arrived at a friend’s house and found they have laid new carpet. So, no shoes allowed in the house.

Men wearing colored socks

Your heart skips a beat; you are thinking “Oh no, my feet reek.” Your feet got sweatier knowing you had to remove your shoes!

Now, if you had read all the excellent information contained in this post, you would have quite a different reaction to this kind of scenario.

More along the lines of “Sure thing, I will take off my shoes, so I don’t spoil your new carpet.” Knowing with confidence that there won’t be a hint of foul odors coming from your feet because you are wearing, the best socks for sweaty feet!!

We spent many hours researching online. We also read top recommended authority sites and customer reviews. We have compiled a list of the best socks.

What Causes Sweaty Feet?

Often it is caused by the type of material the footwear you have is made from. So simple to rectify.

Knowing what socks help reduce sweating and the ones best at fighting foot odor is within reach.

Our post  aims to give you the lowdown on best choices.

Reduce those embarrassing moments and say goodbye to stinky feet!

Hot and sweaty feet

Why Do We Sweat?

Ahh! Sweat can be so annoying. You’ve just gone for a run, and you’re supposed to feel much better after exercise. Except, your happy mood deteriorates because you’re swimming in a hot, sticky mess. Isn’t it so frustrating? However, we do sweat for a reason.

Why? Well, find out in this informative and fun video by Ted-Ed.

Have Sweaty Feet? Avoid These Sock Materials


Hard to believe but true. How many of us often have odd cotton socks filling up our drawers? (Well, where do all those missing ones go?)

Although cotton is considered lightweight and comfortable, it does not wick away moisture. Quite the opposite. Cotton absorbs moisture.

When you put that piece of information together, with the fact we have 250,000 sweat glands in our feet, you know it is not going to work out well.

Wearing cotton can lead to sweaty feet because the fibers retain heat instead of insulating (like wool).

Bacteria loves warmth and moisture. Those bacteria nasties produce the terrible odor.

If they are made of cotton, they’ll absorb all these elements, sweat, bacteria and the odor. Something you want to avoid.

Sweat, bacteria, and odor is absorbed by cotton and doesn’t go away until you put them in the wash!

Older Forms of Synthetic Fibers such as plastic, nylon, and polyester.

One of the keys to reducing sweaty feet and thus reducing the stink factor is to avoid older versions of synthetics, due to the fact they are not breathable. You want something made of a material that is breathable.

It’s amazing how advanced the technology of synthetic fibers has become. There are now specially designed synthetic fibers to help prevent heat and humidity.

Best Socks For Smelly Feet

Finding ones that are breathable, anti-odor, antibacterial and the best for sweaty, smelly feet, is not difficult. Just follow our guide for the best materials to choose from. There are many different styles for ones that are odor-eliminating, odor resistant and odor reducing. There are some great options for odor control and anti-odor socks.

We’ve researched the best, antibacterial, no smell and fresh foot socks available.

Cooling Socks for hot feet

Cooling Socks for Hot Feet

Socks to keep feet fresh are just the ticket for hot feet. Thankfully, it’s possible to find ones that cool your feet. They do this whether you experience hot feet all the time, or only in the warmer months are available.

Looking for the best socks to keep feet cool? These are the optimal choices to keep feet cool and dry. Another option for people with hot feet.

Best Socks For Athlete’s Foot

Having sweaty feet can sometimes lead to fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot. The name is a misnomer, as it suggests that only ‘Athletes’ suffer from this itchy and irritating condition on feet and toes. Unfortunately, that’s not correct. It can affect many different people.

Fungi love to grow in warm moist places. The best socks for Athlete’s Foot are those that wick away moisture and keep the feet dry and fresh.

Best Choices in Sock Material

You need to find materials that draw moisture from the surface of your skin, absorb it then release it. This process is known as ‘wicking.’ So you are looking for fibers with wicking properties.

Read below for the best recommendations:

Merino Wool: Say Hello To Dry Feet

Merino wool is the natural choice for attaining dry feet.

It feels great against your skin and has many properties, which make it an excellent material choice. More on this below:

Properties of merino wool include:

  • Merino Wool fibers have excellent wicking properties.
  • The fibers are both hydrophobic (repels water) and hygroscopic, which is a technical way of saying that it can absorb or give off moisture.
  • Its ability to absorb up to 33% of its weight in moisture, means that even after that, it still feels dry against your skin.
  • Even when merino wool is wet, it stays warm. In comparison, cotton does not stay warm when wet.
  • Insulation – feet stay cool when hot and warm when cold.
  • The wool fibers are naturally anti-bacterial and therefore odor resistant.
  • Unlike our feet which feel great in Merino Wool, micro-organisms don’t thrive in merino wool fibers. Thus bacteria which causes stinky feet can’t build up.
  • Quick to dry. Even if you are walking in the rain, and you get wet, they will not stay that way for long.
  • Soft and comfortable without feeling itchy. If you are sensitive to other types of wool, Merino is a good choice.

Best Workout Socks For Women


  • Polyester fabric developed by Invista (previously DuPont) back in 1986.
  • Coolmax was created to improve the performance and breathability of a synthetic fiber.
  • Originally designed to be used in clothing to be worn during extreme physical exertion.
  • Now used with a combination of other fibers such as cotton/spandex/wool.

New Versions Of Polyester

  • It is a synthetic fiber with elasticity, durability, strength, wrinkle and stain resistant.
  • Quick to dry, and it’s more absorbent and breathable than nylon.


  • An engineered synthetic fiber designed to keep feet dry and odor free
  • Antimicrobial molecularly infused in the Drymax fibers fights odor-causing bacteria.
  • Long lasting, durable and comfortable due to its springiness
  • Nearly all Drymax running have top and bottom air vents, allowing the release of moisture


Here is a list of the properties of Olefin. It’s a synthetic fiber, and it has many benefits.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Stain resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Can wick moisture and dry quickly.

Mens Socks


Here some of the many benefits of bamboo as a material!

  • Bamboo fibers are breathable
  • Super absorbent due to the hollow structure of the bamboo fibers.
  • Able to wick away moisture.
  • Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial which helps with odor resistance.
  • If you have sensitive skin bamboo fabrics are hypo-allergenic.

We’ve reviewed the best options below. Taking into consideration the best materials that wick away moisture and help to eliminate odor.

The socks we have featured will help you choose ones that suit you.

Bet you are looking forward to dry, sweet-smelling feet. 🙂

Merino Wool Socks Reviews

Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro


Women's PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks
Ultralight, with cushioning. Mesh ventilation provides excellent airflow and breathability.

Made from merino wool, nylon, and elastane.

The temperature of feet is regulated thanks to the properties of wool. The material is warm in colder weather, dry in warm weather.

– Lightweight and breathable
– Wicks away moisture
– Resists bacterial growth and odors

– Some find them a snug fit.

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool No-Show Light Cushion Athletic Socks

Darn Tough Men's Merino Wool No-Show Light Cushion Athletic Socks

Made with merino wool, nylon and lycra spandex they wick away sweat very well. They are thin, but still, have enough padding for comfort. Very durable and have excellent breathability.

– Lightweight and breathable
– Wicks away moisture
– Soft cushioning
– Comfortable

– Sizing can be tricky for some people.

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

Coolmax Socks Reviews

Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex Quarter Crew Ultralight  – Women’s

Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex Quarter Crew Ultralight Socks - Womens

Coolmax Polyester yarns are engineered to move moisture away from your skin. They can also be fast drying. Seamless construction and ultralight.

– Moisture-wicking to draw sweat away from the skin
– Seamless design
– Fast drying

– Some find them a little too snug.

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex 1/4 Ultralight Cushion Sock – Men’s

Darn Tough Coolmax Vertex 1/4 Ultralight Cushion Sock - Men's

Made in the USA, these are moisture wicking and super fast drying. As a bonus, they’re comfortable and durable. Keeps feet your feet dry.

– Lightweight
– Slight compression in arch support
– Breathable
– Wick away moisture
– Variety of colors

– Some report the sizing runs big.

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

Drymax Socks Reviews

Walking Boots Drymax Socks

Drymax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab

Drymax Run Lite-Mesh No Show Tab Socks

Comfortable and designed to keep away moisture from the skin. Using a particular dual layer system, the inner layer made of Drymax fibers moves moisture off the skin. It collects it in the outer absorbent layer. This keeps the feet dry and cool.

– Comfortable
– Lightweight
– Removes odor
– Keeps feet cool and dry

– Some say they run a little big.

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Thorlo Men’s – Women’s Thin Padded Running Low-Cut

Thorlo Men's - Women's Thin Padded Running Low-Cut Socks

Thin cushioning padding in both the heel and ball areas. Made with their engineered Thorwick fibers. These fibers have been specially designed to keep feet dry. Lycra mesh used for breathability and comfort.

– Soft padding in ball and heel
– Breathable and light
– Keeps feet dry

– Some people found they didn’t wear well after many months. However, following their care instructions will help with the longevity.

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Bamboo Socks Reviews

BambooMN – Women’s Rayon from Bamboo Fiber Mid-Calf

BambooMN - Women's Rayon from Bamboo Fiber Mid-Calf Socks

Thick with a lightweight feel and made with 85% rayon (bamboo). Excellent odor control, wash and dry quickly. Wear without shrinking or pilling and keep feet dry.

– Super soft and comfortable to wear
– Odor control
– Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial
– Keeps feet dry

– Some people found they ran big.

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

Cariloha Men’s Crazy Soft Trouser Socks

No products found.

Made with 75% Viscose (from Bamboo), nylon and spandex. They are super soft, breathable and lightweight. Perfect for wearing all day.

– Super soft and comfortable to wear
– Wicks away moisture
– Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial
– Keeps feet dry

– Some reported they ran big.

No products found.

Best Athletic Socks For Sweaty Feet

Saucony Performance

Saucony Performance Socks

Saucony offers sock designs that promote comfort and breathability for athletes. A premium sock made mostly of polyester. It provides desirable levels of moisture management, arch support, and lateral stability. There’s cushioning, too. Saucony Performance Socks are considered one of the best options.

– Excellent breathability
– Wicks away moisture
– Bright colors
– Provide cushioning

– Some people reported them feeling a little tight.

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Best Workout Socks for Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Women Athlete

Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic No Show Running Socks for Men and Women with Seamless Toe

Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic No Show Running Socks for Men and Women with Seamless Toe

Well designed socks for those who enjoy seamless toes that fit well and don’t slip on your foot. Neither too thick or thin, Balega’s Hidden Comfort run sock is made with an aerating polyester blend. It has deep heel pockets, and a soft, elastane-enhanced ‘best fit.’

– Soft and plush
– Wicks away moisture
– Variety of fun colors
– Dries quickly

– Best suited to cooler weather

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

ASICS Unisex Quick Lyte Cushion Single Tab

ASICS Unisex Quick Lyte Cushion Single Tab

This sock is snug without being excessively tight. It comes with built-in arch support, and anatomically correct left and right. It also has mesh side panels for ventilation, to help wick away moisture.

– Lightweights
– Soft cushioning at heel and toe
– Wicks away moisture
– Breathable

– Some people found them a little small

Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

Final Notes:

Woman trail running

Are you looking forward to dry, sweet-smelling feet? Surely you must be!

We hope our guide, has given you a starting point to saying goodbye wet feet and hello to dry feet.

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